I love taking pictures and capturing that perfect moment in time. I am available for weddings, portraits, concerts, products, lifestyle, real estate, corporate events, etc... You can view some more of my work in the menu tabs above.






Creating the highest quality videos has been a main focus of my work and business lately. The ability to tell a story with motion, music, words, silence, colors, lighting, special effects, graphics, and optical illusions, all paired with the emotions and nuances of people, leaves infinite possibilities for creativity. 

I am available for any type of video project: music videos, weddings, corporate events, motion graphics, interviews, product commercials, social media promotions... you name it. You can view more of my video work under the "videos" tab in the menu above.







I offer audio services such as studio recording, voice overs, mixing, mastering, producing, and session playing. 

Professional audio can take an average video and make it excellent, a boring script and give it excitement, a dull scene and give it life and depth... It is very important!

If you are interested in hearing my latest personal music project I recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered, you can find it on spotify/apple music/itunes.

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I have worked on and collaborated on projects ranging from corporate events, album artwork, booklets, event posters, merchandise, 15' banners that hang on the sides of buildings, logos, photo name it.

If you have questions about how to start a project or collaboration, please send me an email.