This page is admittedly for those who are tech nerds like myself. I love how amazing technology is and how far it has come recently in the realm of cameras and video equipment and software. Below you'll find what I am currently use for my projects, as well as other gear I have owned, and my thoughts on them. 



For both video work and photo work I am currently using all Sony mirrorless cameras and Sony lenses. This allows me to shoot in log picture profiles for video work to get amazing colors in post production, as well as have amazingly sharp images for photo work. Also they are tiny and my back thanks me every time I'm on a full day shoot. 

My main cameras are:

  • A7Rii - my main pictures camera. This thing is so awesome that it is the reason I made the jump from Canon. It takes very large uncompressed raw files that leave you with so much information to work with. The AF is fantastic, the eye AF is even better, the video is so good in 4k with such good auto focus that I feel like I'm cheating sometimes.
  • A7sii - the "Low Light King" ... this camera can literally see in the dark. That is so important for video work and especially at things like wedding receptions, events, and any sort of outdoor night scene. I can literally shoot with nothing but moonlight and a fast lens and have noise free video in 4k. 
  • a6500 - The perfectly capable little brother. I use this as a B-Cam for video and photo. The 4k video is insane. The photos are right on par with the larger full frame cameras. The AF is better than the A7Rii. And it is TINY. The perfect travel/go-to camera.


Camera's I have previously own and still can recommend:

  • Canon 5d Mark IV - this was my main camera for a while. It feels like a camera should feel in the hands. It never failed on the job. It took great pictures and I always knew what I would get from it. The video was ok, and that is the main reason I ended up parting with the canon gear eventually. They are just behind the game. Oh and its way too expensive for what it is. 
  • Canon 6d - This was my B-cam for a long time that I think is an excellent value. Really good in low-light for the kind of camera it is, very simple to operate, very good results. Ok video, but definitely lacking in features. 
  • Canon t3i - This was on of my first cameras way back when. I still recommend these to some people who want to just get in the photo game and learn how to shoot manual on a DSLR (though now I mostly just recommend the Sony mirrorless cameras unless someone wants the bigger feel of a DSLR). 





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